You choose the winner

This year I have made the resolution to start again the project I had in the old blog.
During these winter days there are plenty of  “red carpets” enough to drive me crazy with all those gowns, and I’m not mentioning the Spring-Summer Season fashion weekS in February! So I decided to drag to the Light Side of… (ahem) the Flashes anyone willing to let me “convince” her/him.

The only thing you have to do is to choose your favourite gown or dinner jacket from this year Oscars Ceremony (2013 for the absent-minded) and I will illustrate it. And post it here, obviously.

As an example. This gown was worn by Sandra Bullock at the Golden Globes of an unknown year… 2011? (there was a reason for the “absent-minded” thing ;))

So, if you especially fancy a gown or dinner jacket and you would like to see it turned into an illustration, let me know which one is. If you know the designer’s name, great, otherwise, with the name of the actor/actress who is wearing it will be enough.
The Ceremony of the Oscars is on 24th February, that means it’s Sunday for them and Monday for us. From that day on, and during one week, the period to submit your petition will be opened.

And if nobody likes any of the gowns or you are just not that interested in the red carpet event… no worries! I will be back with another idea! 😉

P.S. Pardon for my rusty English…


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